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Creating good relations with the company is very important for the functioning of the company, regardless of whether it is a retail trade or business relations with other companies. Therefore, it is crucial to have an appropriate system that will facilitate this type of contact, and also give the company the feeling that his case is treated as a priority. Hence, it is important to implement the CRM procedure efficiently. What is it? To explain it briefly - it is Customer Relationship Management - the basic tool for building a market advantage.

The modern CRM software for small and large companies offered by Firmao is an affordable online software - a simple, mobile system that allows you to contact any contractor from almost anywhere. Thanks to the database integration with the proposed solutions, CRM management becomes much easier. The whole thing is easier to use because the tool is available in the cloud, which further extends the access - you can work on the software using any device with a web browser. Logging in, as well as the entire operation within the application, is very easy.

Firmao - a mobile management center

The great advantage of the proposed software is its mobility. After obtaining the appropriate access, it can be operated by both a stationary and remote employee. This means that he can maintain contacts with clients regardless of where he is located. Thanks to the integration with databases and ERP systems, you can view stock levels on an ongoing basis and gain easy access to the contractor's settlements. All this can be done not only from a laptop, but also from a smartphone or a tablet.

Thus, the company manager, who at the moment cannot be on site, in the company, when trying to contact him by the contractor entrusted to him, will easily respond to his inquiries or comments. In this way, he can always count on an immediate response from the company, which has a positive effect on the overall relationship.

The mobile version of the CRM system provides:

The proposed application provides wide functionality. What solutions do you get if you choose an IT system from Firmao?

  • free access to all functions and information gathered in the CRM software, no matter where you are at the moment;
  • efficient combination of work done by people employed remotely and stationary - they can also cooperate within one project;
  • instant updating and access to data related to the selected company;
  • simplified way of communicating with the company - to connect with the contractor, you usually only need a few clicks. This also includes e-mailing any documents;
  • automated accounting system - from invoicing to accounting of current expenses and costs;
  • the remote salesman has access to all the most important data - from documentation to analyzes regarding a given client;
  • the highest quality of security, thanks to which only authorized users have access to the system and databases.

How will a mobile CRM system help you take care of company relations?

A company who feels being taken care of seriously by the seller or service provider is usually more satisfied with the finalized transaction. His satisfaction really translates into the company's success. How? Well, most likely in the event that he will again look for a similar service or will need similar products, he will return to the company with which he had the opportunity to cooperate, especially when he was satisfied with the service. There is also a good chance that he will recommend it to others, which is associated with gaining more companies. An efficiently operating CRM system, both in a small and a large company, is therefore a strategic investment. By maintaining a constant relationship with contractors, you can effectively build and maintain your position on the market.

Communication with the client in every place

Online CRM systems are an ideal solution for companies with a flexible nature of employment. Both stationary and remote employees can react to actions, e.g. orders placed by companies, at any time and anywhere. All you need is a smartphone or a tablet. It is particularly important at the stage of quotating, including adjusting the proposal to the preferences of the contractor. Due to the fact that the CRM software also gives free access to databases related to the specific company, you can quickly and easily check the information you need at the moment. On top of that, the integration of the entire system guarantees instant exchange of information between individual employees, which often turns out to be crucial in the entire CRM process.

Sales management and action strategy planning

Equally important in the presented module is that it provides not only a wide range of communication with the company, even when outside of the office or not within the reach of a computer. The CRM system also allows you to easily plan individual tasks related to the contracted party. The intuitive interface, also adapted to mobile devices, allows you to quickly create or transform quotes. Thanks to the access to the history of previous operations with the client, it is easier to define his needs and preferences, offering him a more attractive offer, and thus - ties him more closely with the company. Our software also provides access to any analyzes that can be generated based on specific parameters.

Complete knowledge about your contractors

Information has always been one of the most powerful tools in creating an efficient enterprise. Now, thanks to the fast data exchange, which is possible thanks to our CRM application, each employee can demonstrate the highest efficiency thanks to the fact that he has complete knowledge about a specific buyer. The mobility of our system allows it to be acquired by every user, regardless of whether they use a computer or other smart devices. The possibility of assigning specific attributes to the company, as well as searching for him by selected characteristics, facilitates communication and creating quotes for selected groups.

Generating reports for your salesmen

Having a report on the current relationship with the client, his arrears in payments, current orders and activities, as well as distinguishing those who are the most valuable for the company is a great support for the salesperson. This perfectly facilitates the creation of an appropriate strategy for the selected company as well as for entire groups. A properly built action plan also means setting the right priorities. Our application additionally enables mass communication by sending mass messages. Therefore, we have created the perfect tool that will make the salesperson's work more effective.

Try our mobile CRM for free for 14 days

Each company must take care of relations with the client. Therefore, if you are looking for effective software that will help you maintain positive contact with contractors, we encourage you to take advantage of our solutions. The CRM software from Firmao provides wide access to various online functions, which can be easily used even from a smartphone. Now you can find out for yourself by taking advantage of the free trial period of 14 days. Thanks to this, you will get to know the offered application and you will be able to see its advantages. If you decide to buy - the price will certainly be attractive.


On behalf of Eco Instal, I would like to recommend a partnership with Firmao. The modules that we use are the customer contact and warehouse module. We use the technical support offered by the software provider. The system is worth recommending. We have been using this product since 2016 and we intend to continue working with it because the system contains many functions that allow us to significantly improve the management of our company.
Jacek Gunther-Śląski
J. Gunther-S.
CEO of ECO Instal
When I started my business four years ago, I thoroughly researched the market for online CRM software. Eventually, I chose Firmao, because in my opinion their interface was the most intuitive, and the possibility of individual modification of the system made it possible to customize its functionality to our needs. After 4 years of using Firmao, I am convinced that this software will play a crucial role in the further development of our company.
Mateusz Pietrzak
M. Pietrzak
We are pleased to recommend partnering with Firmao As a creative marketing agency, we know that speed and dynamics in cooperation with the client are the keys to success. SEO and SEM activities are associated with constant changes and making quick decisions, which is why it is so important to adjust the software to the needs of Scorise.
Michał Toczyski
M. Toczyski
CEO of Scorise

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