World innovation map: Estonia, Saudi Arabia and Indonesia

Published: 06.04.22Management

Innovation is key to economic growth and development, and many countries are focusing on building a culture of innovation to drive progress in various sectors. Estonia, Saudi Arabia, and Indonesia are three countries that are making significant strides in innovation, as seen in the World Innovation Map.

Estonia has developed a robust startup ecosystem, with a highly skilled workforce and supportive government policies. The country is home to several successful startups in sectors such as fintech, e-governance, and cybersecurity. Estonia is also known for its e-residency program, which allows entrepreneurs to start and manage their businesses remotely.

Saudi Arabia has invested heavily in developing its technology and innovation sector, with a particular focus on artificial intelligence (AI). The country has established several initiatives, such as the Saudi Vision 2030, to support the development of a knowledge-based economy. The government is also investing in developing local talent and encouraging entrepreneurship.

Indonesia is the largest economy in Southeast Asia and has a young and dynamic population. The country is home to several successful startups, particularly in the e-commerce and fintech sectors. Indonesia has also made significant strides in renewable energy, with the government setting ambitious targets for clean energy production.

In conclusion, Estonia, Saudi Arabia, and Indonesia are three countries that are making significant progress in innovation. By investing in technology, developing a skilled workforce, and creating a supportive ecosystem for entrepreneurs, these countries are paving the way for future growth and development. The World Innovation Map serves as a testament to their efforts, and it will be exciting to see how they continue to innovate in the years to come.

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