How the CRM system automated sales processes at MontiRol

Published: 12.08.22Management
How the Firmao system automated sales processes at MontiRol

Are you looking for a solution to increase sales effectiveness, automate operations and carry out better process management in your company? See how MontiRol solved all these problems by implementing Firmao.

From the article below, you will learn, among other things, what functionalities are key to automating the sales process in the system and what makes your work much more efficient with the Firmao system.

The impact of Firmao on the development of MontiRol

Each company, due to the special nature of its business, finds in the system Firmao other most useful and desirable functions, which facilitate daily work and reduce the time of performing many duties.

MontiRol company deals with a comprehensive offer of sales, installation and service of all shading systems: roller blinds, blinds, awnings, pergolas, mosquito nets and automation, so the client wanted to increase the efficiency of sales, automate operations and conduct better process management. The system was initially dedicated to 3 employees with the possibility of significantly expanding the number of users in a short time.


During the presentation, functionalities such as contractors, emails, quotes and orders, transactions and invoices, sales opportunities, kanban, sales funnel, analytics, calendar were presented.

In the next stages of the implementation, we focused mainly on the sales opportunities functionality, where during the discussion of functionalities we used the possibilities of personalizing the system and introducing automated functionalities. The Firmao system allowed us to edit the default stages of sales opportunities, each stage was assigned goals in the form of a checklist (a list to mark completed goals) and we used the automation functionality. Automation in the system allowed us to create and assign task templates to each stage of sales opportunities, where, depending on what stage of sales the salesman is at, the system automatically creates a reminder task for the employee with a list of actions to be performed.

The impact of Firmao on the development of the company

Employees in the sales department are actively selling, and thanks to the use of the Firmao system and the customized sales opportunity function, they have accelerated the procedure of individual sales and have been able to increase the volume of sales by automating processes. Decision makers have access to all the data so that they can follow the steps carried out by salespeople, and thanks to features such as reporting, financial charts, sales funnels and analysis, they can continuously analyze the effectiveness of sales within individual employees, products on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Now you know how Firmao has influenced the development of MontiRol. Many different functionalities have resulted in the optimization of daily work while the automation of sales processes has increased company satisfaction.

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