The 4C concept – what is it?

Published: 19.05.22Management
The 4C concept - what is it

The 4C concept is a marketing model that focuses on the customer and their needs. It is a more customer-centric approach to marketing than the traditional 4P model, which focuses on product, price, promotion, and place.

The 4Cs of the marketing mix are:

  1. Customer needs and wants: This involves understanding the needs and wants of the target market and tailoring the marketing mix to meet those needs.
  2. Cost to the customer: This involves considering the price and value proposition of the product or service from the customer’s perspective.
  3. Convenience: This involves considering the ease and convenience of purchasing the product or service, including factors such as availability, accessibility, and distribution channels.
  4. Communication: This involves developing effective communication strategies to promote the product or service, including advertising, public relations, and personal selling.

The 4C concept encourages marketers to shift their focus from product features and benefits to the needs and wants of the customer. By focusing on customer needs and tailoring the marketing mix accordingly, companies can create more effective marketing campaigns and build stronger relationships with their customers.

Overall, the 4C concept emphasizes the importance of understanding and meeting the needs of the customer in order to create successful marketing strategies and build long-term customer loyalty.

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