Excel or CRM: what should you choose?

Published: 04.08.21CRM

Sometimes we are approached by clients who previously ran a business using only Word and Excel. However, as the company grew faster, the client decided to use CRM software. Why? To adapt the business to your needs. And the most important need of any company is to modernize and grow.

There are no requirements that CRM from Firmao cannot meet.

A few days ago, the threshold of our company was crossed by a client who had no experience with the CRM system so far. He wanted to abandon the Exel tables, but was not convinced that we would meet all his requirements. He wanted the system to be able to create a database of contractors in such a way that all the key information that could be determined during the first meeting was visible from the level of details of a given contractor. Sounds like a big challenge? Not for Firmao! we created “Additional fields” which were questions that were directed to potential customers at the first meeting and their answers.

In addition, to improve relations with the client, we proposed integration with an e-mail account, as well as the possibility of sending SMS messages from the level of the Firmao system, which the client accepted with great enthusiasm!

Work hard, play hard!

Hard work pays off. Quick contact with customers, price offers of several company pricelists, which turned out to be a hit, as well as solutions with customers, made the customer trust our company, establishing with us for 2 years!

What are your requirements? Do you think we are able to meet them? Check us out!

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Author Avatar Rafał Namieciński

Chief Executive Officer. Sets the direction of Firmao's development. Under his leadership, Firmao CRM has become one of the leading CRM systems in Poland. On the blog, he shares thoughts on the latest CRM industry trends, offers tips on implementing and using CRM systems.

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