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Published: 23.12.21CRM

Firmao will help you lay out everything related to customer acquisition, so you can focus on building your dream, valuable and long-lasting business relationships.

Effective Client Acquisition

We all know that acquiring a new client takes a lot of time and involves a lot of people. Firmao helps agencies structure their sales. This way you know exactly what to focus on to increase ROI.

Time to limit disappointments

Translating a client’s requirements into a brief proposal and creating a WOW effect out of it is hard and tedious work.

The worst part is that often this effort ends up in the trash because clients love ideas but are not always ready to implement them.

Firmao will help you identify those who are ready to cooperate and thus save your time. This will help your agency start growing the way you dream of.

Focus on the right things

Reaching out to a potential client sometimes requires as many as 7 to 12 contact attempts.

The vast majority give up much earlier, or worse, through an overflowing inbox, lose the message from an interested client.

With Firmao, you automate follow ups and notifications. This way, you’ll never miss an opportunity again.

Stick to set budgets

Increasing the scope of work without updating your budget and schedule quickly turns a lucrative project into an unprofitable waste of time.

Firmao makes it easy for you to configure and add services and quickly reflects changes to your scope of work and budget. And with reporting, you can easily price additional customer demand with a single click.

Take care of your business today with Firmao CRM.
Author Avatar Sebastian Czubak

Chief Operating Officer. Responsible for overseeing all aspects of the company's operational activities. He has extensive experience in the CRM software industry and successfully leads teams in product development, marketing, sales, and customer service. He is responsible for building knowledge and awareness of Firmao among customers.

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