Why is it beneficial to integrate SMS software into your CRM?

Published: 05.07.24Marketing

In keeping up with the competition, it is important to find solutions to engage customers even better. While CRM software provides a powerful platform for managing customer data and interactions, integrating SMS capabilities can unlock a whole new level of engagement. By combining the high open rate of text messages with the rich functionality of CRM, companies can streamline communications, increase sales and improve customer satisfaction.

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of this potential integration and how to choose the right solution for your company!

Esendex is a global business communication provider, delivering reliable SMS, voice, web and multichannel solutions. Their powerful yet intuitive products and services allow businesses to effectively engage and interact with customers, staff or suppliers. With direct network connections and a large team of in-house developers to continually develop their messaging technology, they are able to provide the best business communication solutions on the market.

Integrating Esendex with Firmao CRM will unlock the ability to reach every potential customer and improve conversion rates. By integrating Esendex tools into Firmao CRM, companies will improve customer relationships and business development.

What improvements will this integration bring?

Improved Customer Engagement

SMS provides a direct and immediate way to reach customers, leading to higher open rates compared to emails. CRM integration allows for personalized messages based on customer data, preferences, and behaviors, making communications more relevant and effective. Together, the two programmes will increase the company’s overall revenue and maintain high levels of customer satisfaction.

Enhanced Customer Service

Customers can receive real-time updates on their inquiries, orders, appointments, and other important notifications.

Streamlined Marketing Campaigns

CRM data helps in segmenting the customer base for targeted SMS marketing campaigns, increasing the chances of engagement and conversions. Moreover, automated SMS campaigns can be set up based on triggers such as customer actions, birthdays, anniversaries, or other significant events.

Improved Sales Processes

Sales teams can use SMS to follow up with leads promptly, schedule appointments, and send reminders, keeping prospects engaged through the sales funnel. Real-time updates and notifications about sales activities and customer interactions help in better managing the sales pipeline.

Data Synchronization

Integration ensures all communication data, including SMS interactions, is stored in the CRM, providing a comprehensive view of customer interactions.

Increased Efficiency and Productivity

Automating routine communications such as appointment reminders, follow-ups, and order confirmations reduces the workload on staff. Having all customer communications in one place simplifies tracking and managing interactions, saving time and improving response times.

Are you looking for such integration? Contact us at marketing@firmao.io and let us know so that we could react to your needs!

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