What is trackvertising

Published: 03.08.22Marketing
What is trackvertising

Trackvertising is a form of influencer marketing that involves collaborating with well-known artists to create branded content that reaches a wider audience. By working with music artists, brands can tap into their established fan base and leverage their popularity to promote their products or services.

In a trackvertising campaign, the brand and music artist work together to create a song and music video that features the brand and its products or services in a subtle or overt way. The video is then promoted on various digital channels, such as social media, YouTube, and streaming platforms.

One example of trackvertising is the partnership between McDonald’s and Travis Scott. In September 2020, McDonald’s launched a limited-time meal deal in collaboration with Travis Scott, which included a quarter-pounder burger, fries, and a Sprite. The partnership also included a TV commercial and music video featuring Travis Scott and McDonald’s branding. The campaign was a huge success, generating significant buzz on social media and boosting sales for McDonald’s.

Trackvertising can be a powerful tool for brands to connect with their target audience and create memorable and engaging content. By collaborating with music artists, brands can tap into the emotional power of music to create a deeper connection with consumers. However, it is important for brands to choose the right artist to collaborate with and ensure that the partnership is authentic and aligned with their brand values and messaging.

In conclusion, trackvertising refers to a collaboration between brands and music artists to create a joint song and music video for advertising purposes. This form of marketing can be an effective way for brands to tap into the emotional power of music and connect with their target audience in a unique and creative way.

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