Referral marketing – what is it?

Published: 16.01.23Marketing
Referral marketing – what is it and what benefits does it bring?

Referral marketing, also known as word-of-mouth marketing, is a type of marketing that involves encouraging and incentivizing customers to promote a company’s products or services to their friends, family, and acquaintances. In essence, referral marketing relies on existing customers to spread the word about a business, rather than the company relying solely on traditional marketing tactics like advertising.

Referral marketing can be a highly effective way to acquire new customers, as people are more likely to trust recommendations from people they know and trust. According to Nielsen, 92% of consumers trust recommendations from people they know, and 77% of consumers are more likely to buy a product when they hear about it from a friend or family member.

To implement referral marketing, companies can use marketing automation tools to track and manage referrals. These tools can help automate the process of incentivizing customers to refer friends, track referral activity, and reward customers for successful referrals.

Here are some common strategies used in referral marketing:

  1. Referral programs: A referral program incentivizes existing customers to refer their friends to a company by offering rewards or discounts for successful referrals.
  2. Social media: Companies can encourage customers to share their positive experiences on social media and incentivize them to do so through contests or giveaways.
  3. Email marketing: Companies can send targeted email campaigns to existing customers to encourage them to refer their friends.
  4. Influencer marketing: Companies can partner with influencers who have a large following to promote their products or services to their audience.
  5. Customer reviews: Encouraging customers to leave positive reviews on review sites and social media can help attract new customers through word-of-mouth.

In conclusion, referral marketing can be a powerful tool for companies to acquire new customers and build trust through word-of-mouth recommendations. By leveraging marketing automation tools, companies can effectively track and manage their referral campaigns, making it easier to incentivize customers and reward them for successful referrals.

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