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Published: 26.02.24Management

In this article we’ll show you how to connect Firmao with SMSAPI and how you can benefit using this integration. The integration is really simple, because it’s a native integration available in our software. 

SMSAPI is one of the SMS providers that you can use in Firmao. You can send messages to your clients directly through our software.

How to set up the integration?

To connect SMSAPI with Firmao you’ll need an SMSAPI account and API password.

How to generate the API password in SMSAPI:

  1. Log in to SMSAPI.
  2. Select API settings then API password (MD5).

3. Generate or create MD5 password.

In Firmao:

  1. Go to “Company settings” and click integrations.

2. Go to “SMS” category.

3. Select SMSApi, fill in your username and API password.

4. Click on “Test username and password”.

The integration is ready! Now in the software you’ll see a category “SMS messages”. Whenever you want to send a SMS message, just click on “New SMS” and fill in all the details.

How can you benefit from using Firmao CRM with SMSAPI?

  1. Enhanced Communication: SMS is a direct and immediate channel, making it easier to send appointment reminders, confirmations, and updates, thus reducing no-shows and keeping clients or patients informed. After receiving it, 9 out of 10 people read SMS messages within 3 minutes!
  2. Personalized Engagement: CRM data can help personalize messages based on client history, preferences, and behavior. This personal touch can improve satisfaction and loyalty.
  3. Efficiency and Automation: Automated SMS messages for appointment reminders or follow-ups can save time and reduce the workload on staff. This allows them to focus on more critical tasks, enhancing overall efficiency.
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