Optimize inventory management with Firmao at Promlift

Published: 10.08.22Management
Optimize inventory management with Firmao at Promlift

Are you interested in streamlining your warehouse management operations? Do you want to optimize your daily work? See how Promlift has improved warehouse management after implementing the Firmao system.

In the article below you will learn, among other things, what functionalities are key to warehouse management in the system and what makes work with the Firmao system much more efficient.

What is the business of the Promlift company?

To begin with, it is worth characterizing the activities of the said company. What functionalities in the system are particularly useful largely depends on what the daily duties of the company in question are.

Promlift provides comprehensive warehouse equipment. They operate mainly in Bydgoszcz and the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship, but provide forklifts and warehouse trucks to customers throughout Poland. In addition to a wide selection of forklifts, warehouse forklifts, electric forklifts, manual forklifts and diesel forklifts, they also deal in warehouse equipment. They supply both warehouse racks of various types made to size as well as platform trucks, wheelbarrow trucks, scissor tables and many other products.


The client was interested in warehouse management. During the presentation, in accordance with the requirements, we focused mainly on warehouse-related functions, specifically on the products/warehouse function, warehouse documents, orders, offers, invoices. The client was also shown the personalization of the system, which is an advantage of the Firmao system over competing systems.

The Firmao system allows you to create your own database of products, services and to create warehouse documents which, once created, are automatically updated in stock, also checking if the product has the right amount in stock. The client took advantage of this option as well as the multi-warehouse option, through which we created the necessary number of additional warehouses for him, depending on how many regions of Poland Promlift has branches in. This option was very much to the client’s liking during the initial stage of implementation.

During the implementation, we created a number of additional fields with the client, which were displayed, for example, in the product creation window, in the product card and in the product list in the form of a column, which allowed the client to perform product categorization, advanced product filtering, where in addition to the default fields during filtering, users could use additional fields. This had the effect of optimizing inventory management.

The effects of implementing Firmao

Thanks to the implementation of Firmao at Promlift, warehouse management has been significantly optimized, employees can easily check the current stock of products, document changes in the warehouse. In addition, decision-makers can easily check all employee movements in the warehouse or generate warehouse reports.

In addition, users can count on assistance from a supervisor as well as Firmao technical support staff at any time.

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