BotPenguin: The Ultimate Chatbot Maker

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BotPenguin: The Ultimate Chatbot Maker


chat·​bot ˈchat-ˌbät

Plural chatbots

A bot that is designed to converse with human beings

Well, that is pretty much how Merriam-Webster defines a chatbot. But I’ll give you this; chatbots can do more than just converse with human beings.

After Joseph Weizenbaum developed the first chatbot software in 1966 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT) Artificial Intelligence (AI) department. The chatbot program ELIZA, developed to mimic human conversations using pre-programmed responses, was named after Eliza Doolittle, one of the key characters in George Bernard Shaw’s play Pygmalion.

In accordance with a predetermined set of principles, ELIZA assessed the user input provided in the form of keywords before triggering its preprogrammed output. It responded to queries only by examining the prompts a user typed because it lacked a framework for comprehending the settings of discussions.

As the advancement of AI is consistently progressing, we are at the stage where we have chatbots that can literally automate work and save time in one go.

Chatbots developed with AI and NLP are being born as we speak, and Machine Learning has made it evolve one level up, pretty much like a pokemon.

BotPenguin is a prodigy born from the pinnacle of technology and is a dream come true for modern consumers. I mean, it is not entirely like JARVIS, but it does give every other chatbot a run for its money.

So without further ado, let’s explore the iceberg of the quirky chatbot known as BotPenguin.

What is BotPenguin?

BotPenguin is an artificial intelligence (AI) driven chatbot generating tool for websites, messengers, and a variety of other platforms, which aids in the expansion of your business.

This allows the user to produce quality chatbots for interacting and engaging with their consumers quickly and effortlessly.

With BotPenguin, users can create unique chatbots that automate quick replies to customer queries. It answers their colloquial questions rapidly by assisting the customer in honing their searches.

Upcoming Market Trends

  • By 2025, the market for conversational AI is anticipated to be worth USD$1.3 billion, expanding at a CAGR of 24%.
  • By 2023, $112 billion in eCommerce chatbot transactions are anticipated.
  • Chatbots are the brand communication channel that is expanding the quickest.
  • 67% of customers globally engaged with a chatbot in the past year.
  • Most consumers (87.2%) have had a positive or indifferent experience with chatbots.
  • By 2022, 75%–90% of banking and healthcare inquiries will be handled by chatbots.
  • 68.9% of all interactions are handled entirely by chatbots.
  • 41.3 % of consumers utilize chatbot services for purchases.
  • 10.33% of clients want to make reservations using chatbots.
  • Chatbot eCommerce sales will total $112 billion by 2023.
  • 55% of businesses that use chatbots generate higher-quality leads.
  • Chatbots can help businesses cut their customer care costs by up to 30%.
  • By 2023, chatbots will save businesses $8 billion.
  • By 2023, businesses will save 2.5 billion hours thanks to chatbots.
  • Real estate, tourism, education, healthcare, and finance are the top sectors benefiting from chatbots.
  • Chatbots can reduce the cost of customer service by up to 50%.

Major Attributes

Many organizations frequently experience non-interactive contact forms without lead generation, inflated prices, reduced sales, prolonged waiting time for straightforward inquiries, etc.

Due to this, there is an obvious decrease in conversions, so customer service takes a great hit. Nevertheless, BotPenguin offers a comprehensive answer to these issues and much more!

This unique chatbot maker tool is incredibly user-friendly. It develops chatbot features for websites and social media messengers, producing conversations to gather leads efficiently.

Here are some advantages of utilizing chatbots created by BotPenguin:

  • Interactive client chat platform.
  • Assists in gathering surveys, scheduling appointments, selling items, etc.
  • Requires no human involvement at all.
  • Available 24 hours a day on the user’s website, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Telegram.
  • Responds to consumer inquiries instantly.
  • Assembles data and effectively generates leads.
  • Keeps contact information in a CRM (customer relationship management).
  • Increases visitor engagement and conversion rate.

Key Features

Zero Development Time

It takes practically no time for a user to design, construct, and produce their chatbot.

Zero Setup Cost

Our website and platform allow you to create chatbots for free. No dime for a ton of money time!

Easy to Integrate

This adaptive chatbot builder is compatible with various platforms. BotPenguin is amicable with Zoho, Hubspot, Google Sheets, Google Calendar, CRM, Microsoft Outlook, and many more!

Easily Customized

There are several user-friendly tools available for use while building a chatbot. Free templates made specifically for different corporate sectors are one of them. The chatbot may be customized to meet the demands of the user’s business.

Strong Validation

It ensures that neither unwanted nor inaccurate information is broadcasted. BotPenguin guarantees that the business receives only genuine leads.


For queries, many responses can be created and then branched as necessary.

Live chat for 24/7 Customer Support.

The users access the live chat round-the-clock, and if they have any questions, they will receive prompt assistance.

Variety of Languages

The user may get assistance from BotPenguin in the language of their choice! These are a few of the popular tongues:

  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • German
  • Hindi
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Russian

BotPenguin’s Arsenal

Natural Language Processing

For the chatbot to process the data, natural language processing (NLP) requires preparing and converting it into pertinent text. This is to get external textual information or gather fresh data via chatbot-user conversations. When a customer raises his or her queries, the chatbot ensures appropriate answers immediately.

Conversational UI

Conversational user interfaces (UI) interpret human and computer languages so that the people and the chatbot can communicate with each other easily. The voice-to-text service is also supported due to conversational UI.

Deep Analytics

This interactive dashboard presents organized data on visitor behavior and engagement. Creating general statistics and sharing essential dashboard insights.

Types of Chatbots Services Offered

Lead Generation Chatbot

  • It can boost lead conversions by giving users an engaging way to share their information.
  • To provide the sales associates with an overview, the chatbot can qualify leads by posing a specific set of questions.
  • After the qualification, the leads may be forwarded to your CRM via APIs (Application programming interface).
  • It can engage in discussions with several site visitors, generating numerous leads.

Customer Service Chatbot

  • This chatbot utilizes live agents to provide immediate answers to all commonly asked queries from the users.
  • After the interaction, it receives consumer feedback on the service provided or the product mentioned.
  • Chatbots from BotPenguin offer 24/7 help for any user inquiries.
  • It also assembles survey results, then provides reports for any action required.

Virtual Assistant Chatbot

  • This chatbot offers users to virtually organize meetings via video conference, phone call, or in-person by noting the location and time.
  • Virtual assistants on websites can now identify between visitors and returning clients and conduct conversations accordingly, thanks to NLP.
  • Visitors may schedule appointments, make payments using secure payment channels, and converse with the virtual assistant on your website.

User Experiences

BotPenguin takes pride in stating that it has benefited several clients.

Maneet Nanar, one of our clients, says, “BotPenguin is highly reliable, always delivering on time and with high quality. Their attention to detail, professionalism and responsiveness contribute to a rewarding collaboration.”

Furthermore, Mark Corpus states, “They think outside of the box to find solutions for problems. They have been very insightful and thoughtful on how they approach scenario planning and are very good at creatively resolving issues.”

Here are some renowned BotPenguin clients:

  • Woodland
  • Five Rivers
  • Punjab Agro

Industries Served

Over the course of its first five years, BotPenguin has successfully assisted several industry sectors. It is widely recognized that this chatbot creator has assisted several businesses in successfully connecting with their clients.

A few of the enterprises that BotPenguin serves are

  • Insurance.
  • Healthcare.
  • Real Estate.
  • Logistics.
  • E-Commerce.
  • Vehicle Rental.
  • Travel Agencies.
  • Event Planners.
  • Maintenance Services.

The BotPenguin iceberg explained

BotPenguin isn’t just a chatbot maker; it is a multifaceted chatbot that can do so many things simultaneously. It can greet your customers on many platforms at once. BotPenguin loves to engage your customers and can also inform them of appointments if taken.

This barely scratches the surface since so many extra features are out there that might just make your day.

Unparalleled Customer Service

BotPenguin loves to be there on a website, WhatsApp, Telegram, or Facebook. Any of the customers can be easily tackled by BotPenguin can easily help them navigate to their solutions.

Ultimate Lead Generator

BotPenguin is a master at generating leads, and it gets to work as soon as a visitor lands on your website or your favorite social media channels. Who says bots taking over was a bad idea?

Business Automation

Business processes can be quite complex, and sometimes, it so happens that you can lose track of things.

This is where BotPenguin comes in to save the day, as it can automate your marketing, generate leads faster, and make payments a walk in the park.

It can also act as an effective media distributor since it constantly updates your customer with catalog news and product updates.

You can put your sales and cross-selling through BotPenguin as it can serve various industries like e-commerce or food and as a one-stop shopping solution for all.

Ready to use templates

Our templates are one of a kind. We’ve got a great selection of templates to engage with your customers as if conversing with a friend on a Friday evening.

Native Integrations

We’ve got a massive array of 60+ native integrations at bay. You might find your favorite CRM or scheduling app here.

Live Chat

Keep your customers happy at all times with BotPenguin’s live chat feature. Be it mobile or desktop. You can be present at all times with this nifty feature. Imagine 24*7 availability everywhere. Reach out to your customers at any place, anytime.

Unified Inbox

Keep all the messages from your customers and visitors in one place. Gone are the days when you manually handle each platform differently.

QR code and widgets

Well, QRs are all the rage, and we love it. With BotPenguin, you’ll get a QR code generator and widgets that take your customers and visitors directly to your page where you want them to be.


It is crucial for businesses to market effectively and, in so, come chatbots. Taking well-calculated steps to automate business can be a boon to scale your business to new heights. BotPenguin is a chatbot that is genuinely a do-it-all. It can generate leads, sell products, and quickly help you keep your customers engaged and retained.

We keep the affordability factor in and have a FREE FOREVER plan for anyone and everyone. We ensure our pricing matches the needs of every type of industry and its size so that you can catch that plane ticket to growthsville.

Try BotPenguin for free at $0 and see the magic happen!

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