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Published: 04.08.21CRM

Have you ever wondered if you can reduce the costs associated with calls without losing their quality? Use Internet telephony. Below you will find some examples of how to use this type of service.

Firmao software can be integrated with Internet telephony.
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Why is Internet telephony a good idea?

Using Internet telephony services is a great solution for business. By introducing these kinds of improvements in your business, you can see a significant reduction in call costs. Calls do not lose their quality, you have access to billing, and the costs of calls with both customers and business partners are low.
Internal calls between stations are free of charge. You also have the option of creating a conference call, thanks to which you and your employees can discuss important issues on a regular basis, without leaving your workplace or direct contact.

How it’s working?

The principle of this type of integration is very simple. After configuring the telephony with Firmao software and installing the telephone exchange, all you need to do is enter the contact number in the CRM system. When you click on a number, Internet Telephony will initiate a call. The list of connections with the date, time and time of the conversation will be saved in the Contractor’s Panel in the connections tab. Moreover, at your request, calls can be recorded. You can listen to them directly from the Firmao system. If necessary, you can download the registered connection as an MP3 file and listen to it from the device.

Is that all?

In addition to the obvious advantages of saving time and money, an additional convenience is the ability to redirect calls. If a customer or colleague does not get a call, you can configure telephony to redirect the call to your mobile number. The client does not need to know your private number to be able to call you.
The call transfer function is also useful when the caller confuses the numbers, then there is no need to redial the number. If your interlocutor wanted to call a specific person or e.g. technical support, you can transfer the call to the appropriate department.

I missed the call, now what?

The Firmao system will inform you about a missed call. Additionally, if the number already exists in the system, the call will be registered in the customer panel, along with the date and time. If a customer tried to contact you, you can find out very easily. All you need to do is find the number or contractor in the CRM Firmao system, and in the contractor’s panel, in the connections tab, you will find all the necessary data.

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