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Improving the quality of service is one of the ways to gain a competitive advantage. It has a direct impact on the satisfaction of buyers and their loyalty, thus translating into overtaking industry rivals and obtaining measurable financial benefits. Combined with operational competences, enabling efficient management of documentation, administrative and accounting matters and the product offer, it increases the company’s potential to achieve market success.

Higher profits, greater market share, sales intensification, better image – in achieving these goals a tool for managing commercial processes, customer relations and financial operations – CRM system can help. Read our article and find out how this developer software can make it easy to run your business!

CRM for developers – focus on customer satisfaction

The main task of the CRM program for developers is to automate customer service and make it easier for employees to access:
*centralized data with a comprehensive offer,
*archival and current transactions, contracts and settlements,
*promotions and other marketing campaigns,
*correspondence with potential buyers – with a register of their inquiries and preferences regarding the location, size, condition of the property, acceptable price range, type of development, finishing standard, etc.,
*information about competitors’ actions – other developers,
*historical data on the effectiveness of promotional projects,
*contact lists,
*advertising materials in the form of photos, multimedia files, digital visualizations, catalogs and folders, maps, land projections, development plans,
*the status and stage of the order.

Collecting this content in one place – in the CRM system and organizing it according to logical ordering keys allows each developer to:
*creating contracts,
*significant improvement of service – also after-sales, including activities creating a positive image of the company and increasing the tendency of customers to recommend them – such as occasional greetings, thanks for using the services, etc.,
*precise adjustment of the offer to the expectations of future buyers,
*more advanced and visually attractive presentation of product proposals, management of electronic correspondence, including automatic reply formulas,
*effective handling of complaints.

Developer analysis tool

Such organized data and materials with a useful search function through filters and categories also protect against errors, omissions, incomplete and outdated information. Symptoms of dishonesty undermine the developer’s credibility and professional image and discourage customers.

The IT CRM system is also equipped with a module for generating reports, summaries and analyzes, which allows for the verification of the effectiveness of activities and the visual presentation of statistical data constituting the basis for further strategic and tactical decisions of the management. Another practical option is the planner of appointments, tasks and meetings in a clearly designed calendar, with the formula of assigning to an employee, project or contractor.

Easier billing

Financial operations are an important area of ​​the functioning of every enterprise. A refined CRM for developers records balances of settlements, expenses and receipts, allows for issuing and immediate sending of documents and invoices with default forms of payment, thanks to the integration with the e-mail module. It enables the flow of documents and the current access to the history of transactions and purchase status – building materials, semi-finished products, tools and workwear for personnel or specialized external services. These functionalities are also comprehensively integrated and compatible with the developer’s accounting and warehouse systems.

A thorough change for the better without expensive hardware

The design parameters are also an advantage of the CRM system. All data is stored in the cloud, which does not overload the servers or the memory of the developer’s computers. The use of functional packages takes place completely remotely, from the level of a web browser – via a laptop or mobile device. The implementation is therefore not associated with cost-intensive investments in equipment. Access is available 24/7, from anywhere in the world.


An investment in a modern, easy-to-use IT administration tool will allow every developer to save time and improve the work of sales and purchasing departments. Our company is able to provide a solution that has measurable value. Feel free to contact us and try the 14-day free version of our product.

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