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Published: 23.12.21CRM

Looking for a solution for a sales team of over 50 people? Find out how Firmao can help you!

Reduce implementation time to a minimum!

Thanks to the simplicity of using Firmao and proven implementation methodology in your organization, your company will start using the system fully in a short time.

Reduce training and tests to a minimum – choose a tool that simply works!

All elements of the system are available for your company right away!

  • Communication within the team and with the client
  • Easy-to-read statistics
  • Sales process management
  • Sales forecasting
  • Customer segmentation
  • Objectives and scorecard
  • Knowledge management
  • Integrations

Your salespeople will really benefit from it!

Best practices and tools which for years have been helping companies of different sizes and from different industries to effectively manage customer relationships are included in the Firmao system. This makes the tool intuitive and easy to use.

It definitely shortens the time needed to learn how to use the system – even for less experienced users!

Possibility of individual implementation.

We want to adapt to your unique needs. If you need individual implementation, adjustment of existing functionality or preparation of dedicated integration – we are ready for it.

Firmao is our product. We develop it ourselves and take responsibility for how it works. It was created in Poland, by an experienced team. Our solutions are used both by organizations having a few as well as a few hundred salesmen. We understand what both of them need.

Author Avatar Sebastian Czubak

Chief Operating Officer. Responsible for overseeing all aspects of the company's operational activities. He has extensive experience in the CRM software industry and successfully leads teams in product development, marketing, sales, and customer service. He is responsible for building knowledge and awareness of Firmao among customers.

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